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I need a cup of coffee, NOW!!

Have you eTired office workerver felt like that! Why? You decide you need to lose weight, skip breakfast, just have cup of coffee with 2 teaspoons of sugar, skim milk and a low-fat cereal. Blood sugar sky rockets, pancreas pumps extra insulin to deal with an emergency. Mid morning blood sugar plummets, the brain is screaming for glucose fuel and calls the pancreas which supplies emergency insulin levels again.

The brain uses 15 time more glucose than any other organ but can only store 2 minutes supply. You reach for another coffee with 2 sugars and a low fat diet bar (high sugar). The caffeine boosts acetylcholine in the brain stimulating the frontal lobe so you can think better to solve that difficult work issue. Dopamine, a feel good neurotransmitter, is released (the same effect as Marijuana). This also tells the adrenals you are in a fight or flight emergency so adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol is released.

The body soon realizes it was a false alarm and has to drop all levels of these neurotransmitters and hormones quickly to restore balance. Then the downer comes. Quick I need another cup of coffee. Over time this see saw experience leads to adrenal exhaustion and pancreas exhaustion.

Chronic fatigue, depression and diabetes are born! But the body has one more card “up its sleeve”. In it’s dire situation when you are stuck without a sugar or caffeine fix, it calls on the pituitary to send some human growth hormone to release some energy from fat stores, but you haven’t exercised for years and the human growth hormone doesn’t do it’s work. You collapse on the lounge with a beer or glass of wine and pizza and (low-fat cheese) and you are so hungry you eat the whole lot.

Collapse into bed with a full stomach and wake feeling terrible but determined to stick to you diet today. Alcohol damages cell membranes and the liver sends LDL cholesterol to patch the damage. O dear my blood tests came back with high cholesterol! I better stick to my diet! The trouble is the frontal lobe houses intellect, reason, and judgement controlled by the will. The downer described above affect the will and judgement. Don’t ask a person to make sound decision when on a coffee and sugar downer!

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