What Is HealthySweeteners.com?


HealthySweeteners.com believe’s in living a healthy lifestyle.
We believe the first step is thru Education. Remember, Knowledge is POWER!

HealthySweeteners.com is about having options for sweeteners that go beyond refined white sugar and artificial sweeteners.

If you eat natural and organic foods, are diabetic, on a low-carb or low-glycemic diet, are a parent that wants to satisfy your child’s sweet tooth without refined sugar, or simply want to explore some delicious food ingredients, this website is for you.

For a variety of different reasons, many of us today are choosing to reduce or eliminate refined sugars from our diets.

We’ve all been told by a dentist or doctor that refined sugars aren’t good for our teeth or our health. And many diet plans call for the reduction–if not the complete elimination–of refined sugars.

By removing refined sugars from your diet, you can:


  • lose weight
  • lower your blood sugar
  • save your teeth
  • increase your energy
  • regain your health
  • be happier
  • improve your sex life
  • reduce risk of heart attack
  • live longer

But removing white sugar and other refined sweeteners from your diet is easier said than done. Many people use artificial sweeteners instead, which have their own negative health effects. Or they try to avoid sweeteners and sweet foods altogether, a difficult task that is often unsuccessful.

This is my philosophy about eating sweet foods:

  • our bodies are designed by Nature to desire and eat sweet foods, so we can include them in our diets
  • it’s OK to eat sweet foods as a treat
  • we can eat sweets in a healthy way, choosing when and how we eat them instead of consuming sweeteners unaware in many processed foods
  • we can savor the sweets we do eat, and fully enjoy and appreciate every bite
  • we can replace harmful sweeteners with healthy sweeteners.

As a consumer advocate, I’m here to tell you that there are many wonderful natural sweeteners and sweet foods available that not only do not have negative health effects, but actually have health benefits!

  • one sweetener is called “The Food of the Gods” for its health-enhancing properties
  • several sweeteners help reduce dental cavities
  • several other sweeteners can help you lose weight
  • several more sweeteners help regulate blood sugar.

These and other healthy sweeteners are not widely known. I created this website to introduce them to you, and help you choose and use the sweeteners that are right for your own taste buds and body needs. I am not a doctor or nutritionist, but someone who has gone through my own personal struggle with refined white sugar, and come out smiling. So if you are trying to reduce or eliminate refined sugars from your or your family’s diet, I know what you are going through.

Over the past several years, I have been intensively researching natural sweeteners and testing recipes. Natural sweeteners are delicious! I have been preparing desserts that my family and friends rave about, and using these natural sweeteners instead of refined sugars in all my cooking. And even though these recipes are full of natural and organic ingredients, they taste very much like the sweet foods we know and love. Really!

As unbelievable as this may sound, I actually now prefer these healthy sweeteners over refined sugars, and so do my friends and family. Refined sugars actually no longer taste good to me, and I have no problem passing up sugar-filled desserts.

This website will give you a whole different perspective about what is possible in the realm of sweets and sweeteners. My intent with this website is for you to:

  1. have the ability to choose the sweets you eat and when you eat them
  2. know which sweeteners are best for your body
  3. know how to use these sweeteners to prepare the sweets you and your family love, and to use them in your daily cooking instead of refined white sugar


to enjoy eating each and every bite!